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Simcoe Early June Lakers

It was another gorgeous Saturday out on Lake Simcoe. I had local crew Adrian and company out for a full day trip starting in the morning then Adam and Jeff all the way from Florida came out for an evening fish. The full day trip was a bit of a grind as we struggled to stay on the action all day but was still a good time out there. I tried every color option of my favourite spoons, I tried all different spoons but the day was saved by the first spoon I ever made. We lost 2 fish on the surface outside of the nets reach, had 4-5 bites that just never hooked up and landed 3 nice Lake Trout to take home. The fish were on the move because the concentration of them had travelled around 4km throughout the course of the day. Where we got our first 2 bites in the morning (same spot I have been catching fish all week) became dead water not holding any fish. We travelled around until we found them again 4kms away about 3hrs later. Maybe Im just spoiled but landing 3 fish in a full day isn't good enough for me but I suppose it was still a succesful day when guests have fish to brag about. After dropping Adrian and his crew off at the dock Adam and Jeff jumped in and we headed back out. It was a gorgeous afternoon/evening out there and they went ahead and put the smack down on the Lakers! We landed 6 beautiful Fish in 2 hours, we didnt try anything different than the first trip but the fish were just snapping. These guys got the full Lake Simcoe experience with picture perfect weather and fast and furious fishing. All in all it was a fantastic day and I couldnt be happier doing what I love. Thanks to everyone for coming out and I look forward to next time!

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